Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pale Pink Pimple Sweater Almost Done

The Pale Pink Pimple Sweater needs only sleeves to be complete. This ribbed and seed stitch top down raglan pattern should have been a cinch, then again it is a Vague pattern rife with errata (like missing sets of sleeve increases.) I've decided to stop following the pattern and wing it with the sleeves. I made the size 44" bust thinking it gave me about 3" of negative ease, but instead (despite getting gauge) it looks like I have about 6" of positive ease. Master Blackhead said that it would be good as a maternity sweater this winter. Yes, I love my ever practical husband. Unfortunately, every time I look at it, I think "zit factory." Maybe bulky pink yarn wasn't such a good choice for a seed stitch sweater. Can we say benzoyl peroxide and salicyclic acid five times fast?

Anyway, I'm sure I'll like it when it's done.
Anyway, I hope I like it when it's done.
Anyway, I better like it when it's done.

Ok, weird. Some guy just drove by my house and took a picture of it. This would be the second "some guy" to drive by my house and take a picture of it. The first one said it's because he thinks the brick work is really cool, which it is. Nonetheless, it's still creepy for people to come by with camera in tow. So here's a picture of the brick in case you are wondering.

I just found our recently from our HVAC guy that the mason was pretty talented and wanted to try something completely different. He finally found a builder who let him go hog wild. I wasn't that keen on it when I first saw the house, but I love it now. Mom loved it at first sight.


Anonymous said...

From your comment earlier (Sept 28) about just moving into your house, I'm guessing that the guys with the cameras are looking for "comps" or pictures of houses that have sold in your neighborhood recently for about the price that they have appraised a house for. In 2-3 months, the "comps" searchers will cease and desist, because the data on your house will no longer be current.

Or it could be because of the cool brickwork, which *is* pretty special.

Katarina said...

The brickwork is beautiful indeed! I'd take a photo too, if I'd happen to visit your homeplace...
I found you on Knitty, and i like your top/vest very much, thank you for this gorgeous pattern!
Happy knitting,

Moe said...

Just popping in from Knitty to say thanks for the wonderful Venus pattern. BeauTiful. :)

Kirsty said...

I'd take a photo of your brickwork - it's very cool! Do you try to find faces and pictures in it?

woolcat said...

Whoa, that brickwork is fantastic! I'd have bought the house just for that wall.

The Venus pattern is lovely!

MarieAngel said...

Thank goodness for talented craftsmen. That brickwork is amazing!

The knitty submission rocks as well :) Congratulations of being selected.