Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little Girl January Purse Pattern

Little Girl January’s Purse
by Helen Hue

One of my closest friends, Little Girl January, will be graduating with her PhD very soon. In honor of that momentous occasion, I have created this purse for her. This bag is knit in two pieces and then seamed on three sides using a three-needle bind off. The strap is simply a large number of sts cast on and immediately bound off. While the zipper and liner are optional, I highly recommend them for a more functional and sturdy purse.

8 x 9.5 inches

South West Trading Company Bamboo [100% bamboo; 250 yd per 100 g skein]; color: Plum; 1 skein

1 set US 2/2.75mm straight needles (for three-needle bind off)
2 32-inch US 2/2.75mm circular needle
stitch holder
darning needle
7” zipper (optional)
sewing needle (optional)
thread (optional)
8” x 10” cotton fabric for purse liner (optional)

32 sts/48 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

Row 1 (RS): K
Row 2 and every WS row: P
Row 3 and 5: P8, k4, p3, k4, p15, k4, p3, k4, p8
Row 7: K
Row 9 and 11: P6, k4, p7, k4, p11, k4, p7, k4, p6
Row 13: K
Row 15 and 17: P4, k4, p11, k4, p7, k4, p11, k4, p4
Row 19: K
Row 21 and 23: P2, k4, p15, k4, p3, k4, p15, k4, p2
Row 25: K
Row 27 and 29: As Row 15
Row 31: K
Row 33 and 35: As Row 9
Row 36: P

The strap is made by CO a number of sts and immediately BO those sts. To do this, first, determine the desired length for the strap. In the sample shown, the strap is 48” in length. Multiply the desired length by 3.5 and add another 12” to yield the approximate length of yarn needed for the tail of your long tail CO. CO until 12” of the tail remains or you have enough sts for your desired strap length. BO all sts. Cut yarn and put aside.

Body (make 2)
CO 55 sts.
Setup Row (WS): P
All RS Rows: K1 (edge st), work Diamond Ridge Stitch, K1 (edge st).
All WS Rows: P to end.
Work Rows 1-36 of Diamond Ridge Stitch a total of 3 times; then, work Row 1-6 once more.

With live sts on top and RS facing you, PU&K 86 sts along the right edge starting at the lower right corner. K sts from needle. PU&K 86 sts along the left edge starting at the upper left hand corner. – 227 sts

With the 2 body pieces held together with RS facing, join yarn and seam the pieces together with a three needle BO. Break yarn. Weave in ends. Turn bag RS out.

Using a darning needle attach an end of the strap to each side of the opening. Sew in zipper (optional). Sew in liner (optional).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Knitty pattern! I just discovered your blog, and it's great. I love the knitted bag, and now I've added it to my list of future projects.

I do have a question for you. In July, you showed a crocheted purse/bag by Cid Designs. I can't find a reference to it on her blog so don't know if there's a pattern available. I teach a crochet class and my students would love that pattern. Can you help?

Judy W in Virginia

Judy said...

Hi, it's Judy W again. I couldn't remember my password earlier, so I left my comment as anonymous. This time I'm using my google account, in case you want to reply directly to me.

Thanks again!

Lady Blackhead said...

Hi Judy!

Cid's crochet and leather bags are one of a kind. I don't think she will be writing a pattern for them anytime soon (not that I haven't begged and pleaded already). If you are interested in learning the technique, try contacting her. She might be persuaded to give you a few pointers.

Good luck!


Alethea said...

Great job on the Venus pattern on knitty! Botticelli would have been proud of you.

I think I'll have to modify it slightly for my flat-chested self. :(

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