Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Life of Four Blackheads

One Asian couple and two black cats: together we are the Four Blackheads.

Up until recently and certainly not since, our adopted feline children, Hex and Jynx, have shown absolutely no interest in yarn, yarn balls, hanks of yarn, nor yarn scraps. That was until the day the Sara yarn came home. My good friend, Sara, gave me 14 balls of two-ply wool boucle. The cats sniffed it. They liked what they smelled, and soon I discovered that they had buried themselves in it. All that was visible from beneath this mountain of yarn were two little blackheads, which quickly retreated when they were spotted. The yarn had been blessed, Hexed, and Jynxed.

Welcome to Hexed and Jynxed: a blog about knitting habits and obsessions. To those family and friends who think I am obsessed with knitting because I read about it, well... what do you think now that I write about it too?

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