Friday, September 12, 2008

Pan Handling in the Knitting World

For those of you who haven't met MamaSara, you need to know one thing: she is prolific and talented. Common sense would indicate that such a combination yields a person who is both fiercely determined and fiercely loving.

MamaSara has struck again. While this post is long overdue, I know that you will admire MamaSara's work as much as I do. In fact, several people have commented that this blog is more of a MamaSara bragbook than a Lady Blackhead knitting journal. In my defense, my skill and output are not nearly has prodigious as MamaSara's. I am simply very grateful for her contributions to my life both real and virtual.

Heading up this bragpost is my favorite totebag in the whole wide world. It is so me. It is reversible. It has 4 HUGE pockets. Can you imagine how much yarn I can get in here? I love everything about it. If you even hint you want it, I will bite you.

MamaSara never forgets about Master Blackhead and always thinks of wonderful things for him. Usually it involves some sort of foodstuff with lots of butter and sugar (mmm... apple pie), but this time she wanted him to laugh. She made a set of panhandlers just for him. They even have a golf theme. And since she loves me most, she snuck in a few ladybugs (a favorite motif) for luck.

Knowing full well that I would never bring Master Blackhead his present unless I had one of my own (yes I am a brat... I did threaten to bite you after all), MamaSara made me some panhandlers too. The color is so bright and warm that I like to just hang them from my cabinets so I can see them. Aren't they sweet? The tag says that these are made just for me by Auntie Sara.

Last but definitely not least, as a house warming present, MamaSara quilted a set consisting of 4 placemats, 2 panhandlers, and a hot pad. They look amazing in my kitchen and really pull together the color of my countertops and flooring. The placemat stripe sequence is even in a Fibonacci pattern! Check it out.

We've really been enjoying these wonderful gifts. They are so functional and yet so beautiful. My favorite combination of traits. I can't wait to get the house all done and unpacked so MamaSara can come visit.

Before I sign off to get ready for a celebratory dinner (the kitchen is finally done). I just had to share a Cute Hex moment.

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