Monday, January 5, 2009

All Your Knit Are Belong to Us

It is no secret that while dogs have masters, cats have staff. What this little quip neglects to mention is that all staff possessions belong to the Cat. Knits included. Here is a much slept on back of Debbie Bliss's Smock Coat (from Simply Baby).

When not being used as feline bedding, this is what the back look likes.

There's a finished left front that nearly caused a nervous breakdown. I knit the whole skirt part with the wrong size needle. I forgot to change from US3 to US5 after the 3 row garter stitch border. About 200 yds and 24 hours of work... WASTED. What a stupid mistake. So as I sat in a dejected self-pitying funk, Darling Master Blackhead ripped it, wound it, and presented the yarn to me like nothing had happened. To my surprise, I actually cast on for the front again and started anew. This time I made absolutely sure that I switched needles after the first three rows.

The right front is off to a respectable start. I'm hoping I have enough yarn. So far, 5.5 balls have been consumed in making the back and left front. There are 10 balls total. I think I can eek by, but I'm nervous nonetheless. I swung by the Yarnery today in St. Paul to buy the last three buttons that I would need. Given my penchant for black cats, I think they are suitably appropriate. Here's a pic taken from the woollyworks website.

These buttons come in a variety of images. I was seriously tempted by the cow jumped over the moon, humpty dumpty, and Jack jumped over the candlestick. They do come at a hefty price ($4.15 each) and needing six for this coat make for a pricey accent. Sure there are much cheaper buttons, but these are perfect: color to compliment the yarn, black cats, and a good feel. Besides, do I really want to knit 1420 yards of dk yarn and not do the work full justice by adding subpar buttons? Answer: not really. Whoever says handknits are a cheap alternative have never shopped for buttons, or yarn for that matter. Thankfully, the cuddly soft yarn, Cashsoft dk in Imp, is a gift from MamaSara. Without her generosity, the Blackheads would be looking at a very cost prohibitive $115 hand knit coat. Oh yes, handknits are such a great way to save money. Yeah right.

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