Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frou Frou

Frou frou. On many previous occasions I said I would not subject my daughter to anything of the sort. Yet here we are. Pink, lacy, ruffly, and unabashedly girly... in short frou frou.

Name: Hemlock Ring Throw, 43" diameter
Yarn: DiVe Zenith, Iced Pink, 5.5 balls
Yarn Source: Webs
Needles: US 10.5 Bryspun dpn, US 10.5 16" Addi Turbos, US 10.5 32" Addi Turbos
Pattern: Hemlock Ring Throw, by Jared Flood, FREE from The Rainey Sisters
Comments: This is an awesome and beautifully written pattern. Emily Ocker's cast on is absolutely elegant and useful for many other occasions (can we say toe up sock). I just loved working with this yarn. It was so soft on the ball and while I was knitting it, but it only got better with steam blocking. The blanket feels like a cloud. I really wish there was a color available at Webs that would be good for an adult sweater. Since there isn't (IMO), I'll just have to be happy with my baby having the cushy goodness. All the gushing aside, I'm not that thrilled with the blanket. I should have gone down to US 9 for needles. The YO are huge. Nevermind about baby fingers getting caught... my big fat adult fingers get caught too! Master Blackhead said that we should save it for when she's a little older. I was hoping to get a shot of the blanket elegantly draped over the arm of a chair, but (1) it doesn't look elegant when draped (2) it isn't big enough to be draped, it just flops (3) Hex thought it'd look better with him modeling it.

I agree. He's a handsome little devil. You can almost read his thoughts in this picture. Something like "duh! doesn't she know everything looks better with a little black?" He actually posed for a whole series of photos, dutifully looking up whenever I called. And once the photo session was over and the camera put away, he promptly flopped all over the blankie, pawed it , chewed it, and tugged at a yarnover with his teeth. I love my Hex: he's just like me. :-D

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Catherine said...

Everything on this page is AMAZING. Utterly AMAZING.