Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Keeping Busy

Today is the big day, the day we sign up for a 30 yr ball and chain (a.k.a. 30 yr mortgage): today is closing day for the Blackheads first house. We are buying one of the millions of foreclosures around the country. Naturally, the entire process has been riddled with snafus, but is not yet fubar. This morning, five hours before closing we hit another pothole. Our agent, bless him, is once again busily making this right as rain. He is the best. He is a bear. Hope you never hear him roar. Closing is now a close two hours away. Am I nervous? You bet. Am I quietly freaking? Double that bet. Am I sitting here brooding? Not a chance. I am, if nothing else, an expert at the art of distraction. Here's what I've been doing:

1. Making to do lists.
2. Making lists of supplies needed.
3. Calling mom, something all children should do and do often. Love ya mom!
4. Photographing my Stash.
5. Inventoring my Stash.
6. Wishing I hadn't already packed my Stash because unpacking and repacking seems kinda stupid.
7. Obsessing about the organizational system we will use for MamaSara's Stash.
8. Fretting at the bloat of my Stash.
9. Wondering if there is some sort of contraceptive that keeps yarn from multiplying when you aren't watching.
10. Musing at the way MamaSara's Stash is slowly migrating to my house.
11. Contemplating the extent of other people's Stash.

Upon number 11, I looked up the topic on Ravelry. There was a link to some photos of the supposed largest Stash. Thinking, how bad can it be? I looked here. I was amused... very amused... for the better part of an hour. Master Blackhead MUST see this. He saw MamaSara's Stash this weekend, and didn't even blink an eye. I think he's used to fiber now. Well hopefully, this will turn his head. Shocking him is so nearly impossible that I can't resist trying.

Last Friday was visit number 3 to MamaSara's. We've sorted through the yarn. A shopping bag full managed to find its way home with me. Saturday, Master Blackhead and I went over to hang up a flag and pole outside on her deck. While there, I measured her yarn room and have decided that she needs 2 more shelves. I've been studying people's Stash pictures and am culling ideas to organize and display hers.

I think I've found my niche and higher calling: Stash Organizer. I love it! There can possibly no cooler job than that. Let's explore the benefits of this occupation.

1. Play and swim in yarn with zero guilt for spending all that money.
2. Spend time with friends chatting and laughing.
3. Eating yummy home-cooked meals, NOT made by me.
4. Compensation via yarn.

While I hope I've made it perfectly clear to MamaSara that I have accepted her case pro bono, she still piles on the yarn when I leave. Last Friday was no exception. A giant pile of yarn (left) and two hand towels (right) somehow came home with me. The quilted runner in the middle is from the week before. Isn't it beautiful. It currently lives on my bedroom dresser. All beautiful and all welcome additions to our home. Thank you MamaSara!

In case, I am accused of not actually knitting. I have indeed. I've finished one sock using the only Koigu in my Stash. The completed pair will be for Master Blackhead. I've also a started a sweater using Misti's Pima Cotton in a pretty pink color. It's a design all of my own. I hope it will look decent.

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