Thursday, June 12, 2008

Showdown at Blackhead Manor

Last week, MamaSara invited me to her home for a Stash sorting party. This was an exceptional occasion. I have been sworn to secrecy, but am compelled to say that her Stash is beautiful. Upon coming home, I opened up the cabinet doors that hide my Stash and its 8 cubic feet of living space. My Stash: the once beautiful, well-sorted, carefully-edited, luxurious, no nonsense collection of fiberly consolation and comfort has somehow undergone a Calvinistic Transmogrification into a paltry, anemic, and somewhat anorexic accumulation of string.

Master Blackhead, knowing full well what I had done all afternoon, came home from work took one look at me as I white-knuckedly clenched my credit card in my hand and said, "Stash Envy. Go buy yarn."

Just like that.

Like some underpaid, overworked, battle-weary general who had seen numerous tours of duty through enemy laden territory, Master Blackhead had walked into the war tent, sounded the retreat, and left to battle another day. He asked no questions, ignored his soldier's morale, and capitulated to enemy defenses. As for me with bazooka in hand, I glowered at my general.

Retreat would not save me to do battle another day. My resolve to not excessively and thoughtlessly accumulate Stash had not been weakened by the glorious sight of MamaSara's Stash. The real problem was and still is my Stash needs more room! Crammed into its little 2' x 2' x 2' cubby, it couldn't strut its stuff. Shelving and a whole wall of mounted cubbies was the need, not more yarn! More yarn would choke the spark out of my Stash. Looking beautiful and inviting to the touch is what differentiates a Stash from a pile of yarn. Space! Space! Space! A display shelf... oooh!

The general's thoughtless disregard meant only one thing. MUTINY! Hurling 'harumpf!' and a stuck out tongue at Master Blackhead's retreating back, I weighed my options. A shoe would have been better, but we're Asian and we don't wear shoes at home. Perhaps economic warfare would be better. I did have a credit card in my hand, my trusty bazooka fully loaded backed by trigger happy me.

Yesterday was dreary. So dreary that even the Little Blackheads had no desire to look outside the window. As a long time Staff Member for the Little Blackheads, you'd think it would stop surprising me just how human they really are. Just like me, they seem to want nothing more on a day like that than to snuggle in soft handknit blankets and drink warm milk (I get a splash of coffee in mine as a special treat).

I've been productive. My Blue Mimosa is almost finished. The Cashsoft DK I bought inadvertently came from two different dye lots. Disaster! Right? Well all was saved by striping the sweater to produce a subtle variegation. Me like. I have the lace collar to knit up and sew to the body. I'm really excited, but DK weight takes forever. I can't wait to get started on a chunky project.

My carry along projects have been rolling along as well. Socks galore. I think I've found a new favorite summer sock yarn: Panda Cotton. It's bamboo, cotton, and elastic. It is so soft. Here's a pair and a half. The multicolored flecked socks are for me. The light blue variegated one and its mate (currently on the needles) are for a friend. The same friend will also be receiving the tealy green striped socks. The striped socks are made out of Sockatta. It isn't as soft as Panda Cotton, but MamaSara says Sockatta "wears like iron." It should last a long time hopefully.

As for MamaSara, she continues to spoil. Just when I thought she couldn't pamper me more, she shows me this beauty. I love it! The colors are just gorgeous and really complement my decor. The flowers are hand appliqued. Can you see how beautiful her craftsmanship is? She showed me a few other quilts she's made. First, this lady has color sense. Second, she's got talent. Third, I'm jealous. Again.

Thank you MamaSara, I will cherish this quilt block. Everytime I see it, I will think of you.

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