Monday, June 30, 2008

Sweet Charity and the Great Debacle

Someone I love very much (but can't remember who) once told me that the worse you feel the more necessary it is to be kind to others. If for no other reason than at least you will be a nice person with a tragic air as opposed to just a world weary wretch. After wallowing for the weekend, I've decided to take what action I can. I'm knitting for someone other than myself and starting a cute pile of baby socks. I'll most likely pass them to MamaSara to send off to afghans for Afghans.

On a more selfish note, I'm also making great progress on my pink MistiCotton sweater of my own design. So far the body is complete, and one sleeve has been started. It's shaping into something I think I can be proud of making. We'll see as time goes by. Despite my excitement, progress will have to slow down. All that cotton is hard on the hands.

Next on the agenda is executing the plan for Master Blackhead's sweaters (yes, sweaters plural). He's been in the doldrums too. Asking him what kind of sweater he would like me to make for him seemed to snap him out of it for a while. Recent Stash transplants (from MamaSara's to mine) a fiery red orange Classic Elite Princess and Camel colored KnitPicks Elegance are earmarked for him. Now just what is the plan? Well... I don't know yet exactly.

Here are the parameters I need to design around:
1. No lace, obviously. What he actually said was "no yarnovers". I'm so proud of him.
2. No cables, either. Apparently, they are "girly." Yeah, just ask an Irishman that and see what he says.
3. No fancy ribbing. What exactly is "fancy" ribbing?
4. No pullovers.
5. Zippered. No button placket, which is too Mr. Rogers. Personally, I think Fred was pretty awesome, but that's just me.
6. Pockets... with positive capture. That's nerd-speak for pocket with button or zipper so stuff doesn't fall out.
7. Don't go to too much trouble. huh? He stressed this several times as he was dictating the above terms.

All this leaves me with stockinette, garter, and non-fancy ribbing stitches. I didn't ask him about color work, which might leave me with a small measure of freedom to design. Fortunately for me, he's one of those insanely lucky people who looks great in everything (unlike me). I think I'm going to throw in a cable out of spite. Perhaps I will even title the pattern "Spite" just to make him smile (he thinks my spiteful nature is cute... I'll show him cute). muahaha


QoE said...

You might ask him again about the Mr. Rogers thing. I'm pretty sure that his famous sweaters were zippered. Just don't want you to work too hard and have him be surprised.


Lady Blackhead said...

Thanks Cathy! I've asked Master Blackhead and he is now OK with the "Mr. Roger's thing." He still insists no buttons though. He actually has a zipped sweater from me already, Ann Budd's Cambridge Jacket. I wonder if I should sing "Won't You Be My Neighbor" next time he wears it?