Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Hot Mama Seeks Yarn Baby to Spoil

Let's review the facts:
  • MamaSara knows that sock yarn is seriously addictive.
  • MamaSara brings her handknit socks to tantalize me.
  • MamaSara turned me onto knitting socks.
  • MamaSara gave me three bags full of elf sock yarn.
  • MamaSara gave me a fabulous ball of Opal Crazy Sock Yarn.
ERGO: MamaSara is responsible for my sock yarn addiction. :-D

A big thank you goes out to MamaSara for the beautiful sock yarn. She spoils me already with food, love, and compliments (even on days I look like Gollum's second cousin twice removed). Let's not forget the Hexed & Jynxed cozy vintage boucle and other tasty morsels. Her timing today was perfect because I just finished a project and needed something to keep my hands busy while I thought about the next project. Take a look at my new "Crazy" socks.

This is a toe up, in case you can't tell, with an easy toe (see Sensation Knitted Socks) and short row heel. I've used a K2P1 ribbing on the top of the foot since I like a fitted sock and don't want to fiddle with increases and decreases. I'm really liking Opal sock yarn. The yellow and orange elf socks were also Opal. It's a really great reliable sock yarn.

The most recently finished project is not yet blocked, but I couldn't resist bringing it into the shop today. When I held it up, there was a collective awww that just tickled me. By the noise alone, you would think that I held up a kitten or puppy or some other cute thing. I didn't wear the tank today because it is short and am waiting to wear it with a skirt (skirt advantage: hiking up the waistline for modesty's sake). Here's the low down.

Name: Shell Tank
Yarn: Classic Elite Patina Ivory, 6 balls
Yarn Source: Amazing Threads
Needles: US 3 and 6, 32" circular Addi Turbo
Pattern: Shell Tank, 36", Knitting Nature, Norah Gaughan
Comments: This is an interesting pattern that I would happily knit again... just not with a yarn that has such a high cotton content (70% cotton/ 30% silk). My hands hurt tremendously, especially when cabling. Speaking of cables, the shell pattern is brilliant. NG's creativity never ceases to amaze. I would have made this one size larger except the number of stitches throughout the body was higher than a previous tank I made with Patina that is too large. So I thought I'd go with a smaller size for a more fitted garment, which I achieved... BUT it's short. I added 1" to each side of the shoulders to let it hang down a bit more, but it's still short. For round 2, I think I'll try using something like Fixation or Calmer and figure a way to lengthen it. Overall, I'm satisfied with this knit.

What's next for this Blackhead... well the Formula 51 inspired sweater is being plotted in one of the corners of my mind. I've got Crazy socks in the works. Maybe I'll bypass F51 so I can get to Zeldabeast's Silk Garden. Who knows? Stay tuned.

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Jinky said...

i just love the color, wish i can get my hands on those kinds of yarns... it's good that Mamasara (as you called her, don't have any idea who she is) is so generous when it comes to yarns...