Saturday, March 1, 2008

RANSOM: Yarn... lots and lots of yarn

Yesterday, I willingly and happily found myself a captive at Amazing Threads.

Captors: Me and the Leap Day Sale.
Ransom demanded (and paid... happily): Yarn

In general, yarn sales are dangerous for me; sales at Amazing Threads are venus fly traps with Titanium-reinforced spring-loaded hinges dangerous for me. The Leap Day Sale was spectacular. I spent the whole day inhaling yarn fumes and needle dust. Absolutely intoxicating. I think some of the other customers thought I was a piece of furniture since I spent a large chunk of the day knitting in the classroom.

As most of the Posse know, I like to spend some time with Fiber Pledges (noun def: yarn I'm thinking of buying) before inviting them to join my Stash. This keeps Fiber Pledges that don't fit the culture of my Stash from sneaking in and throwing off the all important Stash Balance (noun def: proper proportion of protein/ cellulose/ synthetic fibers in Stash, varies by knitter). So after careful consideration and culling of the Pledge Class (noun def: the gigantic pile of yarn I have not purchased, but temporarily claim), I think I came out with some real winners. Take a look at what made the cut.

Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran Green/Yellow
Destiny: Norah Gaughan's Sand Dollar Pullover from Knitting Nature

Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran Orange
Destiny: My Interpretation of Samuel L. Jackson's sweater in Formula 51

Plymouth Happy Feet (for matching socks)
Destiny: Matching socks, of course!

When the new yarn came home, Hex and Jynx couldn't have cared less. They were busy telling me what a bad Cat Staffer (you know: dogs have Masters, cats have Staff) I was for leaving them alone for so long. I felt terrible for abandoning my duties, but sometimes even Staff need breaks. I brought my new yarn to join the rest of the Stash. It fit in perfectly: Stash Balance restored. I think some other time I will explain the finer nuances of Stash Balance, but right now my fingers are itching for some of that Kathmandu goodness.

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