Thursday, March 27, 2008

Surgeon Kniteral's Warning: Second Hand Knitting

Just as those who live or work with smokers must concern themselves with second hand smoke; those that live with knitters must concern themselves with second hand knitting. Symptoms of second hand knitting include, but are not limited to the following:
  • admiring the little things, like a well executed buttonhole or a perfectly woven end
  • Stash Lust: petting and fondling the knitter's stash in the knitter's absence
  • confidently and appropriately using knitting vocabulary (for example: saying nostepinne v stick, yarn over v hole, and Stash v your pile of string)
  • waiting for the active knitter to stop counting before engaging them in conversation
  • approaching the active knitter parallel to the direction of the needle tips
  • before sitting... checking the seat for darning needles, small metal double points, and other pointy objects
Well, tonight, Master Blackhead has officially manifested the first symptom. He can distinguish a tubular bind off (TBO) from a regular bind off. .. and thinks the TBO looks more "finished." Should I be worried about him? Are the fiber fumes getting to him? What if he tries to start his Stash using my Stash. Really, I'm so absolutely proud of him (and myself for talking about knitting so much that he's learning by association), and so absolutely spooked all at the same time.

I can only take solace in the following: I haven't found him playing with my Stash.

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