Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trials and Tribulations of Moving: Where's the Battery Charger?

The agony of not having internet at home has finally ended. We got internet again! This means I can once again bore you with the minutiae of my life and all the bad things the Little Blackheads have done.

Speaking of the Little Blackheads, they love the new place. There's so much more room for them to explore and they are definitely taking advantage of it. Naturally, when the one of them gets lost, he hunkers down and starts crying. Master Blackhead and I have to call to him at the top of our lungs and seconds later we hear both of them galloping towards us. At this point, I think it is more of a game than a distress call to the Little Blackheads. They like to do it even when we are in plain sight.

So moving means packing and unpacking, which means lots of packing materials, which means this...

It took all my will power not to pack them in a box (just to teach them a lesson) that I lost will power in every other aspect of my life. I dare you to ask me how much junk food I ate. Hint: I even went to McDonald's... gasp!

Now that things have settled down (and I actually did pack the Little Blackheads in a big box, and no they did not learn their lesson) and we're eating better again. Fish and broccoli are on the menu tonight.

I'm looking forward to my trip to Albuquerque next week. I'll be visiting SisterB and scoping out her new home. Guess how excited I am? I'm brimming with energy. Seeing SisterB again will be so rejuvenating. I just know we'll be up late at night chatting away. Good times ahead. Master Blackhead won't be coming along, which has me kinda bummed. On the bright side, that leaves him to do all the unpacking. hehe

Eventhough we've just moved in, MamaSara has been busy supplying me with all sorts of quilted kitchen goodies. Once I find the battery charger for the camera, I'll post a few pics. She's also made me a reversible tote bag so I could carry things between the two places while I was cleaning the new house. She's very thoughtful that way.

On the knitting front, I've actually managed to squeeze in some knitting between the packing, moving, and unpacking. I finished one sock made from Fiesta's Baby Boom, which was a giftie from Jelly. I love the soft sandy colors. Once I get the second ball wound, I can make the second sock. And, once again, I'll post pictures once I find the battery charger.

Well, enough chatting back to work. Gotta find that battery charger.

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