Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Cid Original and One Pooped Little Blackhead

Cid, Designer Extraordinaire, is known for her crochet and leather bags (amongst other things), and her crochet and leather bags can only be got in one way: she must give one to you. Each is utterly original and one of a kind. There are no patterns. Their genesis is completely improvised and dependent on Cid's whim at the time. As an aspiring handbag connoisseur (much to Master Blackhead's chagrin), this is a rare jewel, indeed. I have longed for one of Cid's bags since I first saw one over a year ago. It was hip, creative, and had that "hand-touched" vibe. Oh how I craved one.

Yesterday, beyond my wildest imagination, Cid dangled before me a pink and orange gift bag. My toes and every follicle on my body tingled with effervescent delight. I thought, "Could this be what I really really really hope it is?" As I peeked inside, it took every ounce of self-control and will power not to squeal too loudly. It was a Cid bag. Honestly, I think a sliver of a gasp did manage to escape. So much for playing it cool. So now I confess on my blog, when no one was watching, I did the Laura Linney:


As for the gasp-inspiring, Laura-Linney-shout-inducing, perfect confection? Here it is.

Me so happy. Thank you Cid.

A few nights ago, as I was knitting a gift for a friend far far away, my yarn jammed. Something was upon it and prevented the ball from moving freely as I knit it. I looked down. And this is what I saw.

Poor Hex, he was pooped. He spent all day running around and chasing Jynx. I tried moving him off my yarn to no avail. He just "slipped" back down the sofa cushion. He has a strange quirk when he sleeps: if either I or Master Blackhead are anywhere nearby, he must be touching us.

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