Monday, July 21, 2008

Freeze: We've Got You Surrounded

Knitter's are extremely talented individuals (if I do say so myself), but the ladies in my knitting group put all others to shame. It's often said that Cid, Designer Extraordinaire, has more talent in her pinky than most people have in their whole bodies. (Let's not even talk about her extremely talented pinky toe.) Remember this particularly lovely Cid creation:

Yeah, these ladies can strut their collective creative crafty joojoo better than anyone else. My birthday gifts offer a glimpse into their immense creativity and dedication to their crafts. As you can see they don't just knit.

JennyK: Handspun yarn. This merino/silk blend is beautiful and perfect in every way.

MamaSara: An asymmetrical rose quartz necklace with turtles. Lovely.

ZeldaBeast: Whimsical stitch markers to honor the Little Blackheads. Very thoughtful (especially since I'm the one always bumming stitch markers.)

Ttink: Elegant and gracious, just like her. The colors are perfect, and the kitty bead is just too sweet.

Maybe I've just always been lucky to be surrounded by strong and creative women. My mom is fabulousness personified. Even my mom's cat, Ariel, is a queen amongst cats. My friends are all smart and savvy. Just check out how much thought and love went into my birthday gift from SisterB. Handpainted to capture some of the most important aspects of my life. (I added the ugly blue lines to protect the innocent and not so innocent.)

SisterB: Cats, friends, love, and knitting. Perfect.

It's daunting that so many people you know have amazing skill and focus. It's hard for me not to freeze up in wonderment at their seamless grace with everyday things great and small. I'm lucky to be surrounded by these women. I hope you feel the same way about the women in your life.

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