Friday, July 4, 2008

Man Nearly Swallowed by Stash

It was a battle befitting the greatest heroes of Marvel and DC Comics: Master Blackhead vs the Hydra Stash. Each time he moved a 20 gallon bag of yarn, 9 more large bags of yarn sprang forth. Fighting furiously, Master Blackhead battled the ever-growing frontal assault of P.I.G.S. (projects in grocery sacks) and soon found himself flanked by the forces of Y.I.Z. (yarn in ziplocs). His only escape would be to build the shelves faster and faster and faster. Soon the (saw)dust began to fly as Master Blackhead valiently continued his efforts to assemble shelf after shelf. In the blink of an eye, the tide of battle turned, and in a coup-de-grace he connected the shelves and the yarn was tamed.

Flashback to yesterday: MamaSara and I went to 2 Targets, Thomasville, and Ethan Allen to look for furniture to contain her Stash. We decided on four 9 cube maple organizers and some brightly colored totes.

Today, as I maneuvered the Stash to make room for assembly and furniture moving, Master Blackhead kindly volunteered to assemble the new shelves. Being the ever generous hostess, MamaSara fed us a fabulous July 4th lunch followed by apple pie and vanilla ice cream. She even gave me more sock yarn and a pattern! Holy moly! My own Stash is turning gluttonous on me. Her contributions have doubled its size! We've spent the day working up a good sweat. When we finished, we took a little road trip to the house we're hoping to buy so MamaSara could take a look. It's still there. The grass looks more like hay, but it's still there. Well, I'm zonked and really need a shower.

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