Sunday, July 27, 2008

So Tired, but So Happy

Master Blackhead and I have spent all day today cleaning our new house. There were parts so gross that double gloves and strong cleaners were called in to save the day. The place is shaping up so well that a vendor who stopped by today didn't realize that we bought a foreclosure until he went to the basement (we hadn't touched it then yet). The vendor even said that our house was the cleanest and most well-maintained foreclosure he's seen. I promptly told him it was because I spent the last week cleaning it.

All this work would usually seem absolutely laborious and painful, but somehow it isn't this time. I think it's because we love this house and I truly believe that this house loves us back. I know it sounds so absolutely silly, but I really do believe that. Case in point: after vacuuming the entire above ground square footage, the house actually sighed with relief. I kid you not. The house went, "ahhhhhhhhhh." Hasn't made the noise since, and no I didn't have the A/C running. Maybe I'm projecting my own feelings onto the house, or maybe the house just likes us. I prefer the latter theory.

Anyway, I'm bushed. Unlike Master Blackhead, I've put in two 14-hour days in a row. Goodnight.

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