Sunday, July 20, 2008

Priority Hex

As I was wrapping the LGJ Purse and getting it ready send, our resident box inspector once again tested the structural integrity of the box. Apparently, there was some drama, and went down somewhat like this.

Hex: Something isn't right with this box
Jynx: That's because they're mailing you to Timbuktu in it. Haha!

Hex: They can't do that! Who else will inspect all the boxes.
Jynx: Yeah like you do a good job of that. You were licking on the job. See, I have proof.

Hex: Oh.

Hex: Mmmm... let's keep this between us. The Big Blackheads don't need to know.

Other than that, we've had a great weekend. Using the Museum Passes we checked out at the library we went to the Bakken Museum of Electricity and Magnetism, and the American Swedish Institute for FREE. These passes are the coolest thing. We've been to all sorts of interesting places with them. Last week we used a pass to visit the Landscape Arboretum.

Anyway, both these buildings are beautiful. I prefer Bakken's exterior and the ASI's interior. Bakken was orginally built by a Goodfellow in order to impress his girlfriend who refused marry him because he was cheap. She still didn't marry him after he built a mansion. I wonder if it was because he still cheaped out here and there (like stamped concrete floors rather than tile). One weird thing (unrelated to the cheap thing), the building exterior is divided between Tudor and Gothic Revival styles, which delineated the servant quarters and the family spaces, respectively. Was Goodfellow trying to perserve the distinction of rank? Here are a few photos of the Bakken including a banister finial purportedly blessed by the Pope.

Here's the exterior of the ASI. No photos are allowed inside, which is a real shame. It's beautiful inside. There was also an exhibit of 18 ball gowns worn by Queen Silvia of Sweden at the Nobel Ceremonies. There a few I really loved and few that had me quite puzzled.

In knitting news, I've started a side-to-side vest for afghans for Afghans. The pattern is in Betty Christiansen's Knitting for Peace (part of my birthday gift from MamaSara). It's in a green from Knit Picks via MamaSara. I hope it turns out nicely for the kid who gets it. Here's a quick peek of how far I am (not far at all). Happy Knitting!

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