Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stalked by Yarn

Thinking I would spend the day away from Stash and Master Blackhead away from computer games, we went to the Fort Snelling Historic Site today. And while there were no computer games to be seen, I stumbled upon yarn in the Sutter Store at the Fort. It wasn't for sale, but nonetheless there it was amongst barrels and brushes.

Kinda a sad little pile really. I pity the obsessed knitter trying to replenish their Stash. I think it would have been much more appropriate if all the shelves were full of yarn. After all, how many brushes does one need, especially compared with how much one needs yarn?

After realizing that I would never escape yarn, I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to avoid heatstroke and musket balls. Some interesting this were to be seen though: some muskets were fired; a blacksmith made a nail; a kitchen maid did something creative with stale bread; a little girl was threatened with some archaic dental tool by the doctor's steward. In the end, a good time was had by all.

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